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CORRECTION: Sorry, folks. This is apparently just a promo image of Marvel characters who will "play a prominent role" in the comics moving forwards as part of a publishing initiative called "Avengers Now."


The confusion came from the fact that 9/10th of all Marvel comics are currently titled So-And-So Now, so it appeared for all the world that Marvel was discussing a specific Avengers comic, and thus this was the team roster. These guys may all end up on one Avengers team or another, but at the moment we don't know. My apologies for the error.

Orignal Article: Marvel has debuted the newest comics roster for Earth's Mightiest Heroes! There are plenty of surprises in there, but perhaps none more surprising — and welcome — than the fact that only four of the group's 11 members are white men.

As you can see, the line up consists of: (top row, left-to-right) Medusa the Inhuman; Scarlet Witch; Iron Man (in new armor, natch); Doctor Strange; Ant-Man; (and bottom row, left-to-right) the Winter Soldier; former Spawn character Angela; the new female Thor; ex-Falcon Sam Wilson as the even newer Captain America; Inferno, a recently introduced Inhuman; and Deathlok, seen looking a hell of a lot more like his Agents of SHIELD TV incarnation than usual.

While I appreciate Marvel's continuing efforts to increase diversity in its comics, this line-up seems pretty weird to me. Why Captain America AND Winter Soldier? Why Scarlet Witch AND Doctor Strange? Why Medusa AND Inferno? And most of all, why Angela... at all? Why is there a Spawn character on the Avengers, even if Marvel owns her now? Who at Marvel has such a fixation on the scantily-clad space barbarian that she's somehow part of Marvel's A-list? At least thanks to the recent Thor and Cap changes, the line-up doesn't feel like a gratuitous attempt at forced diversity as much as an organically assembled team anchored by Marvel's heavy hitters.


Say, how's the Justice League line-up nowadays? Of the League's current 10 members, six are white men — Batman, Superman, The Flash, Aquaman, Lex Luthor and Captain Cold — and the remaining four include: Wonder Woman, the sole female on the team; Cyborg; Shazam, who is technically a boy but whose power is transforming into a white man; and Firestorm, who is actually a white man who happens to be partially possessed by a black man.

Your move, DC.

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Yeah, sure, that's all fascinating... but can we just skip ahead to the important question of why Medusa is wearing a bejeweled jockstrap?