Marvel's New X-Men Line-Up Has Some Un-X-pected Surprises

Inset of X-Men #1 cover by artist Pepe Larraz and colorist Marte Garcia.
Inset of X-Men #1 cover by artist Pepe Larraz and colorist Marte Garcia.
Image: Marvel

The Marvel comics universe version of the official X-Team has been a bit in flux since the mutant nation of Krakoa was formed for Jonathan Hickman’s earth-shattering stewardship of the X-Book line. That changes in July, when writer Gerry Duggan, artist Pepe Larraz, and colorist Marte Gracia debut (the newest) X-Men #1, with an intriguing new line-up.


The team consists of the classic pairing of Cyclops and Jean Grey, the latter continuing to use her classic “Marvel Girl” identity that she returned to in House and Powers of X. They’ll be joined by X-mainstays Rogue and Wolverine, although Laura Kinney will be doing the snikt-ing instead of her clone-daddy Logan. The more unexpected members include Sunfire, Synch, and Magneto’s daughter Polaris, who joins the X-Men from the pages of the current X-Factor series, having handily won the poll Marvel put out back in January asking fans to pick who should join the crew.

Image: Pepe Larraz and Marte Garcia/Marvel Comics

I believe this is the first time Laura has been the team’s “main” Wolverine, in this new era at least, which is very cool. Synch and Polaris have traditionally been members of Generation X and X-Factor respectively—actually, has Synch has ever been an “official” X-Man before?—while Sunfire hasn’t really been part of the team since the early ‘70s, shortly after his debut. So that’s a very interesting assortment of mutants to fill out the X-ranks, especially as the premiere representatives of Krakoan society.

“Mutants have saved themselves, and are now going to save the world,” Duggan told “Krakoa will grow roots in the capital of the world, New York City, and the inaugural year will star Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Rogue, Wolverine, Synch, Sunfire, and Polaris. The threats to Earth will come fast and hit hard, and every page from Pepe and Marte will blow your hair back.”

X-Men #1 will be out in July, but the team will make their Marvel universe debut at the Hellfire Gala in June.

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I am a huge fan of the idea of electing the official X-Men roster. That’s the sort of weird yet grounded change I want to see in Dawn of X. So I’m all for this idea! I’m a little disappointed that Hickman won’t actually be writing the comic, but I have enough faith in Duggan to give it a try.

Though I am quite disappointed that Strong Guy didn’t win the vote...and, in fact, came in last...