Massage Pants Soothe the Parts Other Pants Just Can't Reach

Illustration for article titled Massage Pants Soothe the Parts Other Pants Just Cant Reach

Here's a product for those of you whose desk-bound working life puts a strain on your posterior: massage pants. Ohoho yes. They've got seven massage units arranged in a "a scientific and rational allocation" to best soothe your (ahem) parts, a number of different vibration modes and an exciting-sounding 20-minute automatic mode for handsfreeness. I'll say it again: ohoho yes. There's also a ring of infrared heaters with auto temp control to keep your tush toasty, and it's all powered by a rechargeable battery pack. Interested? Well, you'd have to be very interested: Wenzhou Wonderful Massage Equipment Co., Ltd sadly only takes orders of 500 units. [Product via Gadget lab]

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Or you could just get UP from your desk for a few minutes and walk around. That will improve the blood flow too.