Massive Dock From Japanese Tsunami Washes Up in Oregon

First it was a soccer ball in Alaska. Then it was a Harley Davidson in British Columbia. Now, even more debris from the Japan tsunami is showing up on the shores of North America. The latest find is a giant dock, discovered on a beach in Oregon.


It's massive—66 feet long by 19 feet wide by seven feet tall—and it floated all the way from Misawa, a city on the northern tip of Honshu. And its discovery portends of more to come. About five million tons of crap washed into the ocean as a result of the disaster, and we've just begun to find some of it on the West Coast of North America. It seems to be traveling faster than expected, too. Experts thought this wreckage wouldn't start landing here until at least March 2013, but it looks like it's ahead of schedule. [Oregonian via NPR]

Image credit: Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian

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