Mattel's Ghostbusters Neutrino Wand Prop Makes Us Wish Ghosts Were Real

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Despite being a comedy, Ghostbusters packed a lot of convincing pseudo-science into its story, and the movie was chock full of wonderful—and incredibly desirable—props. And in the same way we don't believe that a toy lightsaber will ever suddenly arc to life, we don't believe this faithful reproduction of Egon's Neutrino Wand will ever snag a wandering spirit—but that doesn't make us want one any less.

As far as details go, this prop goes above and beyond the call of duty. It's got power up and power down light meter animations, glowing LEDs, sound effects sampled from the actual films, an authentic worn-down paint job, an extending tip, vibrations, and even kickback when you pull the trigger. The only thing missing is an actual beam shooting out from the tip.


But that one oversight is OK given the laws of physics prevent such a device from actually functioning in the real world, and because this prop is just $130. Not to mention the fact that you can actually fire two of these prop Neutrino Wands at each other in an attempt to "cross the streams" and trigger unique light patterns and sound effects—instead of destroying all life as we know it. [MattyCollector via GeekAlerts]