MAX Media Dock For Nintendo DS and DS Lite

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The next time your cousin brags about how his PSP can play media and your DS can't, shove a MAX Media Dock in his face. Watch him cry as you show him how it plugs directly into the DS's GBA port and plays MP3s from compact flash cards of up to 8 GB. Then see him curl up into a ball as you demonstrate the JPEG photo viewer and then play homebrew games directly off the flash drive.


Available this week for $39 for just the dock, $79 for a dock and a 1 GB CF card and $119 for the dock and a 2 GB CF card.

Product Page [Code Junkies via Mobile Tech Review]



Yea you can still play GBA games, it's like a Gamemshark where the GBA plugs in from the other side.

IF any1 at my school is gonna show off their PSP and say its better I'm gonna PWN them, lol.

I got one, its really cool when you on the road and the games do get a bit boring sometimes. Thats where this comes in. I bought an 8gb card from here, really really cheap.…

If you need an 8gb I recommend you get here, cause it is cheapest.

And yea homebrews are cool, you could dowoload your favorite N64 Games onto the DS or like GBA Homebrew, download your favorite Pokemon games