MaximumPC Demystifies the BSOD

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MaximumPC took a solid whack at explaining how dreaded Blue Screen of Death error codes work (pertaining most recently to XP, Vista and even Windows 7), what they mean and how to fix them.

A good deal of their article is aimed at overclockers—which isn't so surprising given the audience. But there are some notable gems inside. For instance, does anyone know what "PFN_LIST_CORRUPT" might mean? The explanation is ironically shorter than that handy error code. Faulty RAM.


If you're a Windows user, the link offers good read, and probably a decent bookmark, too. And if you feel like seeing one of the biggest BSODs of all time, you can check that out here. [MaximumPC and image]

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Currently there are at least 2 computers in the office with BSOD. I'm sure savvy gizmodians don't come across them all that often, but its a real issue for the normal people.

As for Kernal panics, i did get one or two back in the days of 10beta, and 10.0 but nothing since. *crosses fingers*