Mazda Furai Concept Puts Us into Batman Euphoric Mode

Illustration for article titled Mazda Furai Concept Puts Us into Batman Euphoric Mode

Our motor head siblings over at Jalopnik are going to be covering the crap out of the Detroit Auto Show, but in the pre show warm-up they have come across a little gem; the Mazda Furai concept on video. The clip shows the vehicle screaming around the track at Leguna Seca, which made us excited enough, but the super futuristic styling made us think the Batmobile just got replaced with this American Le Mans Series inspired race car, which has a Cougar C65 chassis and a three-rotor rotary engine capable of 450 hp.


If there is anything that makes us weak at the knees, it's Batman, his arsenal of gadgets, his souped up vehicles and anything that resembles them. So, excuse us while we watch the video one more time, allowing its content to turn us to jelly. Ooh, Furai, unleash your Furai on us. Hit Jalopnik for the video. [Jalopnik]

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I'm sticking to the Caparo Freestream T1 as my uberSpartan performance car of choice. The engineers behind that little number were on the McLaren team prior.