MediaStreet Pure eMotion 128: LCD Frame Price Drop

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We're big fans of digital picture frames, which can completely eliminate that most loathsome task: printing. No need to cross that digital chasm into the bleak analog world when you have a MediaStreet Pure eMotion 128, a digital picture frame with a 7-inch screen. That 128 number in its name stands for its amount of onboard memory, giving you 128MB worth of pics that you can change with the included remote control. Or you can use a variety of flash memory cards such as SD, MMC, MS, SM or CF cards, and it also adds some eMotion by playing your favorite music along with its automated slide show.


The jaw dropper is its price, $129, or you can get it without the infrared remote control, tabletop and wall mounting hardware, USB cable and earphones for $109. That's $100 less expensive than a comparable model from Philips cost just a couple of months ago, and a full $200 cheaper than Samsung's entry into the LCD picture frame market.

Perhaps these manufacturers are hearing about how you can make LCD picture frames yourself for almost free. Anyway, our favorite is still the WiFi-enabled eStarling picture frame, which only sold a few units before it mysteriously disappeared. Here's hoping there will be another WiFi-enabled LCD frame available soon.

MediaStreet's 128MB Digital Picture Frame [Bios Magazine]


I agree with you that a WiFi-enabled frame is the way to go, with the ability to sync to a photo RSS feed a must. Give me something like that in the $100-200 price range (with decent picture quality) and I know what my parents are getting for Christmas!