Samsung SDP-07 Digital Picture Frame

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Samsung's SDP-07 digital picture frame has a 7-inch 800x400 display and plays back audio and video as well as still pictures. It offers a variety of ways to feed media into it, such as an Ethernet connection, slots to accommodate your choice of SD or CF memory cards, and also a USB port. The company also says you can transmit images and video files from a mobile phone into the frame, which is offered in your choice of black or white.

Too bad there's not a WiFi connection going into the frame such as the one offered with the eStarling picture frame we mentioned back in January. That frame promised the ability to link with online photo hosting service Flickr, updating pictures as you add them to the Flickr account. However, we noticed that the eStarling currently can't be bought anywhere for any price right now. Not sure why that's happening, because it seemed like a good product.


As far as availability for this Samsung SDP-07, it's said to be currently only offered in Korea, selling for $310. No word on US availability yet.

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