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Medion Launching Inexpensive, Personalized Portable PC in the UK

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If you so happen to live in Albion you're in luck since word has it that German outfit Medion will be offering its MIM 2000 portable Centrino PC in the coming weeks for just $742, including all those wacky taxes. For your hard-earned money, you're getting a fairly capable, if not long in the tooth, machine, powered by a 1.7GHz Pentium M 735A and with a 40GB hard drive. It only ships with 256MB of RAM (upgradable up to 1GB), which, at this point, is less RAM than a microwave has. Keep in mind that the value is buttressed when you consider the fact that the company will slap the picture of your choice on the laptop's lid if you order directly from them...for a fee in the neighborhood of $83. Finally, a place to showcase your awesome picture of those old bath houses in Hot Springs.


The MIM 2000 will also ship with all the software that we've been trained to think we can't live without: Windows XP MCE, PowerDVD and Nero among them.

The MIM 2000 makes its way to UK shores on August 1, just in time for the new EPL season, or whatever it is the cousins do over there.


Medion preps personalised portable PCe [The Register]

Medion UK

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I think Medions used to be available at Aldi stores....I had a friend who laptop is a Medion he got there. Don't know if they still carry them, but maybe we'll see this Stateside?