Meet the Artifact, Star Trek: Picard’s Decommissioned Borg Cube

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The Artifact.
The Artifact.
Image: CBS All Access

In the new status quo of Picard’s modern timeline, the Borg, for our protagonists, at least, aren’t an immediate threat. But they are certainly a presence. Meet the Artifact.

In a new featurette, the creators and cast behind Picard catch you up on the status and history of the decommissioned Borg Cube, a wrecked, disconnected portion of the Borg Collective that’s become a hub for high-security scientific research. Part rehab for former Borg, part harvesting site for the incredible technology that fuels the Collective, it’s one of Picard’s most striking settings, a place of horror turned into something sterile, familiar. Maybe too familiar.

It’s an inspired idea, and one the staff talk about with a clear amount of excitement. It’s a look at the Borg, not just as a threat, but as a fact of life that has reshaped the Federation and beyond. Sometimes the monsters are out there, but they don’t stay out there, and they became a part of us, instead. For better and worse.


Picard airs on CBS All Access. 

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