Meet your new robotic kindergarten teacher

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Remember how South Korean classrooms have been experimenting with integrating robots into their curriculums? A robot called KIRO recently completed a three-week test run as a kindergarten aide. It's unclear how much the robo-teacher actually taught, but he seemed enthusiastic.


KIRO, which is built by a company known as the Robot Research Institute, was put to use in both classrooms and Busan's Dong-A University Museum. At the museum, KIRO presumably regaled visitors with witticisms that disparaged select artists' works by comparing them to equivalent aesthetic achievements archetypal of his kindergarten class.

Again, it's unclear how effective KIRO was at his given tasks, but if the above video (with such frenetic narration!) is an indicator of things to come, we can expect Artoo units to trail us through galleries, barking esoterica about Klimt and whatnot. I can accept this.


On the other hand, robotic teachers + no decent Terminator movies on the horizon = a generation of children woefully softened for the war of the machines. Rassum frassum.

[Via Plastic Pals]