Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel Trade Transforming Robots for...Talking Dogs?

Image: Lionsgate

This is how you appropriately deal with the collaborative trauma of having been in multiple Michael Bay Transformers movies, right? Therapy dogs? Talking therapy dogs?


While we all wonder just when, how, and why we would want to be going anywhere remotely near a movie theater right now, Lionsgate is here to remind us of the magic of cinema. Specifically, cinema that feels like it fell through a tear in time and space from the peak of ‘90s direct-to-video Disney movies or something and right into 2020.

Think Like a Dog—a movie in which a young tech prodigy named Oliver conducts a science experiment that inevitably goes wrong and gives him a telepathic connection with his pet dog, so that hijinks can henceforth ensue—looks fine, sure. Family nonsense that, perhaps in this current climate, might do well releasing on demand for when parents are done queuing up Trolls: World Tour for the seven billionth time rather than waiting out for movie theaters to re-open. There are perhaps not many people chomping at the bit to risk infectious disease spikes in the name of Think Like a Dog—and if there are, they should distinctly reconsider, as it’s due out on demand in June.

But I’m more fascinated by the fact that it is this that has brought Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel together again, years after their orbits interwined in two of the Bay Transformers movies before Fox’s explosive exit from the third film in the franchise. Fox and Duhamel have both gone on to have extensive careers since being freed from Bayhem’s destructive orbit—Fox even briefly re-entering that orbit for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles—but...I have to know. What was it about Think Like a Dog that hooked them both? How? Why? Woof?

Perhaps we’ll find out when Think Like a Dog—starring 12 Monkeys’ Todd Stashwick as the voice of said dog and Big Bang Theory star Kunal Nayyar—is inevitably added to your list of must-stream pandemic classics when it drops digitally June 9.


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