Open Channel: Are You Rushing to Get Back to Movie Theaters Right Now?

Natasha is not here for the bullshit.
Natasha is not here for the bullshit.
Image: Marvel Studios

The U.S. is still living through a pandemic that we have no viable means of currently combatting, other than keeping our distances from one another by largely staying homebound and avoiding places where large groups of people congregate, like movie theaters. But governors in various states have already expressed their intentions to open theaters back up for business in coming weeks.


In response to the countrywide lockdown and ongoing theater closures, film studios like Universal and Disney made the judicious decision to simply make films that were once meant for theatrical releases available via digital platforms, which quickly prompted the National Association of Theater Owners to cry foul because its members had no way of being in on the moneymaking process. In the midst of the debate over whether Hollywood’s on the brink of a massive tectonic shift, questions have been raised as to whether theatergoers themselves are actually chomping at the bit to flock to theaters in the very near future.

We want to hear how you really feel about all of this. Beyond your desire the see the latest big budget movie for the sake of sheer nerd-dom, is going to a theater right now something you’re actually interested in, given how covid-19 is spread from person to person? Or is your desire to see the next installment of [Franchise of Your Choice] enough to convince you to mask up, head to the lobby, and take in a picture show?

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I didn’t go to the theater that often pre-COVID, but when I did go, it was for the communal experience of seeing a blockbuster movie, i.e. Avengers Endgame. Yes, I was one of those idiots screaming like it was the second coming of the Beatles when Cap picked up Mjolnir. So while going to the theater can feel like being held upside down by your ankles as your lunch money falls out of your pockets, that Cap moment will be something I remember for a long time.