The Transformers movie highlighted an important fact; we need more robots. Thankfully RC2 is working on the void with the planned release of V_Bot—a serendipitous, robotic union between RC car/robot and MP3 speakers.

Transformation is controlled remotely and the V_Bot puts on quite a show in each form factor. Various lighting features are implemented throughout, along with 720 pre-programmed dance routines in robot mode. The speaker function will be compatible with MP3 players across the board, as it has a universal docking system.


Though Mark is currently, secretly, rooting for a Hello Kitty robot as a Christmas gift, I reckon the money is better spent saved here. The V_Bot may not be Optimus Prime incarnate, but at ÂŁ129.99 (c. $267), it's not half bad. [Pocket-lint]