Mel Gibson and Frank Grillo May Star in a Groundhog Day-Style Action Thriller

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We’ve gone around and around with Groundhog Day, Edge of Tomorrow, and Happy Death Day—and now, add Boss Level to the list. The latest potential film from writer-director Joe Carnahan is another time-loop tale, and he’s about to sign up actors for the ride.

According to Deadline, Frank Grillo and Mel Gibson are in talks for Boss Level, which could potentially shoot next year. Grillo would play a retired special forces veteran who is forced to relive the day he dies over and over again until he figures out who kills him. There’s no word yet on who Gibson would be playing. Carnahan wrote the script and would direct; he told io9 he loves the script and that it’s “somewhere between Smokin’ Aces and The Grey.”

As much as we love Carnahan, and that tonal description sounds right on, for every project he produces and/or directs (Stretch, Wheelman), it feels like just as many struggle to get off the ground (Bad Boys 3, Uncharted, The Raid). So while we’d love to see him behind the camera again, we’ve learned not to get our hopes up. A script and the interest of a few actors is a long way from cameras actually rolling, and no one knows that better than Carnahan.


Also, you have to think the potential inclusion of Mel Gibson will cause some issues. Though he’s currently starring in one of the most popular comedies in the US (Daddy’s Home 2), many people are still not comfortable with Hollywood seemingly forgiving the former A-lister after his incredibly offensive behavior few years back. Grillo, though? We love Grillo. We’re down for anything that dude does. And if he and Carnahan think this film has potential, we will keep an open mind.