Men Looking for Anonymous Sex Reportedly Tricked Into Being Filmed for Porn Site

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Federal agents arrested the man behind the porn operation “StraightBoyz” on Tuesday, after he allegedly spent years tricking men into having sex acts performed on them on camera, and posting the videos online without their consent.

According to the Miami Herald, which obtained documents about the case, Bryan Deneumostier, 33, posted ads on Craigslist soliciting anonymous sex with a housewife. The men who responded to the ads would go to a house near the Homestead Reserve Air Base to meet Deneumostier, who would dress in women’s clothing and present himself as a housewife, the Herald reports.

The men would then put on a blindfold or blacked-out googles and engage in sex acts with Deneumostier. The encounters were filmed, but if the victims asked if there were any cameras, Deneumostier, posing as a woman, “assured them that ‘she’s’ married to someone in the army and she would never photograph or video them,” the documents reportedly state.


U.S. Homeland Security agents investigated Deneumostier’s operation, leading to three charges of record-keeping violations and two charges of illegal interception of oral communication.

Deneumostier was also arrested and charged earlier this month for having sex with a minor, who had been reported missing, according to police reports obtained by the Herald.


The “StraightBoyz” website reportedly advertised videos of straight men being tricked into engaging in sex acts, and featured 600 or more videos. The Herald repots that investigators believe Deneumostier operated the site for four years. The site isn’t currently up, but the videos Deneumostier created may still be available on other porn sites.

Homeland Security agents are attempting to figure out how many people were unknowingly filmed.


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