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Michael Fassbender Joins the List of People Not in Star Wars

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Soon, the world of acting will be divided among those who’ve appeared in a Star Wars movie and those who had the chance but weren’t picked/were too busy/just flubbed the audition. And no, there won’t be a third group of people who never tried out. Everyone will be considered and only the few chosen will be invited.

Michael Fassbender was on MTV’s Happy Sad Confused podcast where he was asked about the rumors that he had been up for a part in The Force Awakens. Fassbender’s coy answer was,“I talked about it.”


Pressed to say if he passed on a role that was offered, he said, “I didn’t necessarily. But I talked about it.”

But it wasn’t just a general talk, apparently J.J. Abrams had a specific part for him.“We talked about a role, we had a conversation,” said Fassbender. “I’m pretty sure I was busy doing something else in the summer where he was kickstarting that.” That puts Fassbender in a better position than Eddie Redmayne, who had a disastrous audition for Kylo Ren.


So what part could Fassbender have gotten? It’s legitimately hard to see another actor in any of the roles anymore. Maybe Hux? Hux feels like a fit. It physically pains me to think of anyone but Oscar Isaac as Poe. Maybe it was Phasma before they decided to make that character a woman? Who knows. Not us, if Fassbender sticks to being this vague all the time.