Michael Jackson's 3D Body Scans on eBay for $1.5 Million

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This just seems wrong. A U.S businessman claims he's been sitting on 3D scans from 1996, when MJ was aged 37. It's rumored the singer wanted a virtual or robot double, and this data, if real, would enable just that.


You might remember that Jackson had once planned a 50-foot mecha with a moving face that shot lasers, but it never got built.


From the eBay Listing:

The original 3D scan data of Michael Jackson. It also includes the color map from this scan in either CPV or UV maps. This data was collected using the same equipment that creates the data used to create video games and or CGI avatars to make him speak, laugh, sing or dance.

I must emphasize that the sale of this scan data is subject to the purchaser agreeing to clear the proper rights with the MJ Estate before it is publicly used in a promotional or commercial manner.

I bet you need to emphasize that. Even if the data isn't a hoax (and I'm skeptical), I can't see the Jackson Estate letting this fly without a lawsuit. We'll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, an MJ fan found the auction and created this animation using only the 2D shots shown above. It's all pretty creepy...just let the man rest in peace. [Huffington Post via Techie.com.ph]

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"It also includes the color map"

seems unnecessary, but ok...