Michael Ruhlman's Ratio iPhone App May Actually Get You Into the Kitchen

"When you know a ratio, you don't know a recipe, you know 1,000." Ruhlman's upcoming Ratio iPhone app looks like an excellent way to spread his theory of ratio-based cookery. Scared of sauce-making or baking? This is for you.

Michael Ruhlman, cookbook author demigod and Gizmodo Food Week contributor, is bringing his excellent book Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking to the App Store. Ratio takes sometimes-threatening elements of cooking like doughs, cakes, sauces, sausages, stocks and batters and breaks them down into more versatile ratios (bread is five parts flour to three parts water, for example). The app looks really great, actually: It has all 32 of the "critical ratios" in cooking, plus a calculator (to figure out exactly how much of everything you need), recipe ideas for each ratio, and ways to both store and share recipes (via Facebook and Twitter).


The app should be coming out soon, for an undisclosed price. My guess is that it probably won't be free—it's a licensed product and also available as a book—but I personally am really excited about it. Baking's always been a weak point of mine and if I can learn to bake and cover my iPod Touch in floury fingerprints at the same time, I'll give it a try. [Ruhlman]

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