Mickey Dee's Harnesses McSun for Chicago Billboard

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We once knew a girl whose face was so ugly it could stop a sundial, so if she lives near Wrigley Field in Chicago, she won't have any way of knowing that it's time to stop eating Egg McMuffins and start digging into Big Macs. Ad agency Leo Burnett dreamed up this idea for a McDonald's billboard that takes us fast food junkies back to the ancient days of sundials, casting a shadow on a cup of McCoffee at 6 a.m., and moving along to other various delectable breakfast items until 11, when those scrumptious McDonald's fries are given the nod by the shadowy arches.

As the breakfast competition heats up in the Chicago markets and beyond, the McDonald's ad agency figured it could turn to the power of the sun for its billboard marketing, and searched far and wide until it found a billboard with just the right angle to take advantage of the sun's rays. The billboard made its debut on Friday, and it will stay in place until next month; by then the shadow angles will have changed so much it will cease to work properly. Great idea, unless it's a cloudy day, where the billboard will make absolutely no sense at all. But who needs it anyway—as if we depend on the McSun to tell us when we're hungry.

McD's launches next strike in breakfast war - in Wrigleyville [ChicagoBusiness] (Thanks, Gavin!)