Micro Sports MP3 Player Helps Up the Douche Quotient

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You want to pull off John Mayer's DoubleDouche, but you only have one Bluetooth headset. Don't fret, because this MP3 player from Thanko fits right in your ear.

Less than an inch at its widest point, the .28 ounce Micro Sports MP3/WMA/WAV player comes ready to store 2GB ($55) and 4GB ($75) of tracks. Syncing and charging over micro USB, the Micro Sport can run for about 4 hours before giving in. But honestly, if you're enjoying outdoor activity for more than 4 hours at a time, chances are you're taking part in risky activities that could lead you to fall on your head and have this thing permanently wedged into your ear canal. During the next several years of painful, costly operations, even a 24 hour battery would have proven inadequate in overpowering the cacophonous buzz of saws grinding against your skull, let alone the very sad, very internalized song that is your life. [Geek Stuff 4 U via Akihabara News via UberGizmo]