The cheapest 2023 Honda model is not the Civic Sport. It’s the HR-V, according to Kelley Blue Book. The suggested retail price (MSRP) of the car starts at $23,800, also per KBB. Meanwhile, the Civic Sport MSRP is $26,145.


The information in ads has never been trustworthy, but when you don’t know where an ad begins and ends, nor where to attribute false statements, parsing out fact from fiction becomes even less possible. Is Bing trying to sell us a Honda Civic Sport, and that’s why it’s lowballing on the price. Or, is the chatbot just goofing up again, as it so often does?

If you’re stuck wondering about all this ad stuff too, the best I can do is offer some advice: Don’t expect Bing Chat to accurately represent itself. Gizmodo asked the chatbot what sorts of advertising formats it employs. In response, the AI lied. “I do not display advertisements with the chat itself,” the Bing bot told me.

Screenshot of Bing chat
Amazing what technology can do.
Screenshot: Gizmodo / Microsoft

When pressed, the robot doubled down. It suggested I was confusing it with another chat interface. “It is possible that the screenshots you have seen are from a different platform or service,” Bing’s AI wrote. It told me advertisements are “separate from [its] functionality as a language model AI.” If nothing else, the chatbot can gaslight well.