Microsoft Habu Gaming Mouse Tracks Motion to 20Gs and Glows Crazy Blue

Microsoft can't write operating systems, but they sure as hell can make mice. I love me some M$ft ergos, yes sir. Razer, on the other hand is known for making insanely accurate mice for gamers, with thousands of dots of resolution on their optical sensors. Here's a mouse they've worked on together.

The Habu has 2,000 dots of resolution per inch in its digital eye. The 16-bit optical sensor tracks movement up to 45 feet per second, or up to 20Gs of acceleration. also The feet are teflon, which isn't such a rare thing these days. And the 7 buttons can be programmed with up to 5 game profiles. Side bumpers can be swapped out for smaller and larger ones, to fit any hand. The Always-On mode gives it little latency. We think that means it never goes to sleep, like many gamers we know. And yes, it actually glows all crazy blue like that.


Microsoft Habu [Thanks Steve]

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