Microsoft just announced that the Xbox One will become a full-featured DVR in 2016. This couples with the console’s latest feature for free over-the-air television. You can record shows while playing games, and content can be shared with any Windows 10 device or downloaded for offline viewing. Best part? It’s free.


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Until the Xbox one comes with a 4 tb hard drive, input for coaxial cable, or a cable card slot, this is going to fail miserably. The future, and to a certain extent—the present—is IP TV. Not DVRS for the content you send through an hdmi pass through and control with an IR blaster. Content protection will put a giant damper on this, btw. Many people run streaming boxes like a roku or Apple TV through the pass through on the Xbox one. Guaranteed you won’t be able to record any of that. But why would you when it’s all available any time you want it anyway? Big ‘ol fail.

It’s Microsoft trying to make up for putting a sub par graphics chip in there. The ps4 barely being good enough in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I own an Xbox one, and it's great. So is the ps4, each has their own strengths and weaknesses. Ps4 for multiplats generally, Xbox one for games my friends play, because they are all Xbox only. And forza.