Microsoft Opening Shops Right Next to Apple Stores This Fall

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Hell froze. Microsoft is openly acknowledging Apple's consumer electronics threat and going for the jugular. The company's COO Kevin Turner has officially announced that they will open their own retail stores "right next door to Apple this fall":

And stay tuned, because we're going to have some retail stores opened up that are opened up right next door to Apple stores this fall. Stay tuned, just stay tuned.


He said it today at the Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference keynote. His words were later confirmed by a Microsoft representative. In other words, after Apple's success in the retail channel—which has helped the Cupertino company to win the mindshare battle—Microsoft wants to fight right back right there, doing the same thing—sounds familiar?—and showing whatever cool things they want to show.

That probably includes topless girls fully oiled and playing Virtua Tenis using Natal.

There are no details about the actual strategy except that it will start happening this fall. I can't wait. I love this kind of war. [Business Insider and CNET]



Sounds like a potential disaster. I'm a Microsoft fan and Windows user, and I strongly disagree with all the garbage Apple spouts about Windows. I find it extremely stable and great to use. But Apple will, very easily, pick apart every single crash, freeze, error message, flaw, etc. displayed next door and use it against them. Doesn't matter if they happen less frequently than comparable problems at the Apple store, they will be used successfully to reflect poorly on Microsoft, while the Apple equivalents will be ignored. Microsoft had better have those machines in tip-top running condition, re-imaged every single night, with employees watching them for errors like a hawk, or this will turn bad fast.