Microsoft Opening Windows Cafe In Paris

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How do you get the French excited about Windows 7? Apparently, the sales pitch goes down better with some coffee and pastry. That's why they're building a full-on cafe in the heart of Paris (47 Boulevard Sebastopol).


The cafe will open for a few weeks starting on October 22nd. Patrons will be treated to, well...treats along with the opportunity to play around with various Microsoft products—although nothing but food will actually be sold there. So we get Microsoft stores and they get a cafe. Do you think the cafe concept would fly in the States? [TechCrunch]


All these moves by Microsoft to pitch Windows 7, including the lame infomercials, the Microsoft Stores and now this cafe, seems pointless to me.

At the end of the day, what is going to sell Windows 7 are: word of mouth, and compelling new applications that absolutely need new upgraded PC hardware and and the new operating system to run. You're not going to convince anyone to upgrade if all a user does is check email, look at youtube and facebook, and call it a day.

The dudes over at MS must surely know this.