Microsoft Presents Us With Their Vision of the Future

XUI, or experience-user-interface, is Microsoft's anticipated evolution of the NUI, or natural user interface (a la Surface). What's that really mean? It means something amazing—essentially computers/life rethought.

Keep in mind, these two concept videos are not necessarily grounded in actual technologies that we have today, but were produced to "explore in a poetic narrative way how certain developing technologies could begin to blend and augment our daily lives".

The first clip is my personal favorite, as I love the idea of ordering a piano on my computer and watching it drop from my ceiling. But the second clip chooses a bit too much style over function for my taste. Do I really want information I'm looking for spilled across my desk like a spilled deck of cards?

*Keep in mind that both clips are available in YouTube HD, so you might not want to watch the embeds as they are. [i started something via SlashGear]

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For a moment there, I thought Microsoft purchased Frooch for the video. Anyway, this is good, but I'm totally spoiled by the World Builder video you guys posted before. That was truly a work of art considering the team (one guy) involved in the special effects.

I always pictured Microsoft's future (and Bill Gates') much like this guy's.