Microsoft Sells 2520 Milllion Vistas (ooh!) Thanks To New PC Bundles Sales (bah!)

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Microsoft is all cocky about their Windows Vista adoption rate: 25 20 million copies sold. They say that it's the fastest new version of Windows adoption EVAH, doubling the rate of XP. And they are right. Or maybe not. Leave it to the smartypants at Ars Technica to point out the fact that, yes, while it's the fastest sale of a new Windows ever, the double increase could be accounted mostly on doubling new PC sales compared with the 2002 XP introduction, which have been increasing over the years.


So when Bill Veghte, corporate VP for MS' Windows Business Group, says, "We are encouraged to see such a positive consumer response to Windows Vista right out of the gate" what he is really saying is "Thank $deity for the double-rate increase in PC sales and the fact that consumers are stuck with us if they want to buy a new computer because, guess what, we still monopolize all the operating system bundling in the industry." Some more thoughts and numbers to make you fall asleep over your keyboard, after the jump.

Update: Obviously, it's 20 million. Not enough coffee today.

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Source: Ars Technica and IDC

Ars also points out that if the sales for this quarter are up "significantly" it may show that demand for the new Vista was responsible for the surge in PC sales. Looking at the operating system reception by businesses and consumers, due to lackluster functionality and compatibility problems, I have the gut feeling that this won't be the case.

Vista's twofold sales boost: Microsoft should thank PC market growth [Ars Technica]



The meaningful statistics, which I'd like to see Ballmer talk about, are those showing retail box upgrade copy sales, retail full version sales, and OEM full version sales.

The point being: who's buying Vista *without* doing it via a factory system to either upgrade or build thier own box?

Ballmer's "new PC" stats, as has been said, can be spun to show Vista sales were a result of PC sales, or PC sales were driven by Vista.

Either way, the "common sense" experiance differs significantly: I don't know a single person who's bought an upgrade license for thier XP system. I *do* know 2 people who just bought new Dells, and the first thing 1 of them did was wipe it and put XP on there. The other person *wanted* to buy XP Pro, but of course Dell offers no OS choice in that regard.

That's a tiny, albiet limited, experiance; but, it's a telling one.