Microsoft Serves Up Some Mango to All Eligible Phones

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A month after Windows Phone 7.5 began shipping, Microsoft announced today that it is now pushing the Mango update to every eligible phone worldwide, regardless of carrier—with only three exceptions.


The only exceptions are the Samsung Omnia 7, Dell Venue Pro, Samsung Focus 1.4, two of which are still in testing (The Venue is still in planning). In addition, Microsoft is also hinting at a possible firmware update at some point next week. The update should improve performance, fix bugs, and activate new Mango features—the most important being Internet Sharing. The firmware update does vary by handset maker and won't be sent en mass like the main update, so don't freak if you don't get one. [WinRumors]

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What phones don't qualify as "eligible"? I see 14 phones that have been released ( [] not counting the ones to be released November 2011). If they actually updated 11 of 14 within a one month period, that is a pretty solid statement about fragmentation. Just curious if that is actually the case or "eligible" is cover to leave some behind already.