Microsoft Windows Phone Designer Team Hurls Veiled Insults at Apple's Ugly, Skeuomorphic Apps

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It's Apple, not Microsoft, whose products have long been known for careful minimalism. However, Redmond is evolving, relying heavier on Metro, the simple, design philosophy marked by simple typography and big blocks of color that is infiltrating most of its platforms.


But that's not to say it's not kind of shitting on Apple. In a recent chat about Metro, long-time employee Jeff Fong of the Windows Phone design team claimed Apple had nothing to do with Microsoft's principles, though he made some very pointed references to Cupertino, while referring to Microsoft as "authentically digital."

"It's all about honesty. Taking your icons and taking things you have on screen and giving them glassy reflections, drop shadows, transparency… I think we can do a better job… in a more direct way."

Essentially, Fong was vaguely criticizing Apple's use of Skeuomorphism, in which real-life objects are insinuated in digital products. For example, folders look like actual files. Though it isn't always that subtle. Microsoft is distancing itself from Apple by claiming to reject this philosophy.

And Microsoft is banking big on Metro, reinventing itself with this massive redesign, ahead of the debut of Windows 8, which is arguably the most significant retooling of an operating system literally used by billions of people since the first version appeared in 1985. [Mashable]



I think its hard core MS evangelists that have the biggest issue with Windows 8, such as Paul Therott and Ed Bott.

I'd agree with Fong on the whole leather thing. As a Mac user, all I have to say is WTF is that! Apple occasionally has a fart in UI and the friends app is one of those nasty smelly ones. Apple doesn't get social because Apple is too nerdy to get social I suppose.

Windows 8 has a huge problem that is going to come down like a bad case of STD. Average or even above average users will be totally lost trying to navigate that UI. See this video: