Microsoft's First Windows 7 Beta Patch Fixes MP3 Bug

Illustration for article titled Microsofts First Windows 7 Beta Patch Fixes MP3 Bug

Microsoft has issued it's first patch for the Windows 7 beta—a fix that focuses on correcting a flaw that shaves several seconds off edited MP3s.

Up until now, this patch had to be found and installed manually—but if you missed it, a recent Microsoft patch article notes that it may be possible to restore any corrupted MP3 files by right-clicking into "Properties" and clicking "Restore" in the "Previous Versions" tab. Even so, its a good idea to back up all of your MP3 files before doing an upgrade from Vista to Windows 7. [Computerworld]

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Honest question,

Does it seem to improve the stability, like the crashes, freezes and bugs? I cant work with it unless it stops freezing.

Also, will there be a beta 2?