Microsoft's Windows Store Will Start Peddling Apps, Books and Games in February


Windows 8 is coming and it's going to make all your wildest dreams come true. OK, that might not be wholly accurate, but at least Microsoft is hoping it'll shake things up in the world of computing. One of the new additions will be a Windows Store, which was shown off at a preview event yesterday. It'll be the place to grab Metro-style apps, games and content.


So, it's not just apps - they'll be movies, books, magazines and games too. An app store to rival the best of the rest; or at least that's the plan. They'll also give more back to the developers than the likes of Apple, taking the same 30 per cent cut up to $25,000 (£16,000) of sales, after which Microsoft will drop its cut to just 20 per cent.

It'll open in late February 2012, but Microsoft is being strict about only accepting free apps and by invitation only to start with. It'll be interesting whether the Windows Store will really take off. When Apple launched its Mac App Store, there was quite a lot of opinion that it wouldn't take off, that desktop users didn't want a curated App Store environment. If you look at it now, it's safe to say that it's been a success of sorts. But would you buy your Windows applications from a Windows Store? [Microsoft via Engadget]



Normally when you discount a product, its because of poor sales and or competition. In the case of Windows, there is no competition so why did they discount from a business perspective? Its not like people will have the choice to buy from the Windows store or the Mac store typically. I don't think they need to incentivize developers to develop only for Windows either. While its friendly for MS developers, from a shareholder standpoint, its MS competing against itself which is dumb in my opinion. Why would you compete against yourself? There must be some competition here I'm not familiar with.