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MIDI Connectivity Can Turn Your iPad Into a Recording Studio, Kind Of

Illustration for article titled MIDI Connectivity Can Turn Your iPad Into a Recording Studio, Kind Of

The iPad can help you make sweet, sweet music. And I'm not talking about karaoke or strange virtual guitar concepts: artists like Gorrillaz have managed to record full songs using them. Throw in a MIDI interface, though, and things could get really serious.


Griffin just launched two new MIDI devices that help turn your humble iPad into a (reasonably) convincing portable music studio. They won't turn you into The Neptunes, but I guess they might help you on your way.


Their MIDIConnect gives your iPad a standard 5-pin DIN MIDI-in port for you to plug in MIDI devices, like keyboards and guitars. That means you should be able to record your finest bedroom creations direct to the tablet. It also features a MIDI Out port that lets you use the iPad as a MIDI controller. That's perhaps less useful for the bedroom enthusiast, but it could be pretty useful in a live setting.

The StudioConnect is a bit fancier. Pictured above, it's an iPad dock that serves as an all-in-one interface, dealing with audio, MIDI-In and MIDI-out. It also has a massive, glowing chrome knob. What's not to like?

More'seriously, you can plug instruments in via analogue or MIDI connections, and it also features left and right line-level RCA plugs, and a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack with its own volume knob, so you can monitor what's going on, too. I feel I should reiterate: it also has a massive, glowing chrome knob.

MIDIConnect goes on sale this spring for $79.99, while StudioConnect will be available in February for $149.99. [Griffin]


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I hate to sound like a fanboy or start any platform war in the comments (because that's the job of the Android fans to do on every article about Apple), but this is exactly why people don't choose a faster, more powerful, arguably cheaper, Android Tablet over the iPad. Ipad does more. It just has more support; more accessories; more options; more creativity, and will be supported longer. If people would take a second to stop looking at GB of space, processor cores and such and just look at what developers are doing with the hardware, Apple is a clear winner in this regard.

Also... pricing on this is pretty good... right in gift range for a few people I know.