Miffy MP3 Player Tickles Adults and Kiddies Alike

Illustration for article titled Miffy MP3 Player Tickles Adults and Kiddies Alike

It's the Dutch bunny Miffy's 55th birthday, and to celebrate, Green House has knocked together the cutest little MP3 player ever.


It's only got 2GB of internal memory, but that's enough for a couple of audiobooks for your kiddywinks. It connects to PCs via USB, and has a pretty decent 14-hour battery life. Unfortunately only Japanese pricing and availability details have been announced so far, but with any luck the western world will see a May/June release as well—though I'd like to see a cheaper price-tag than $53, which is what the 4,980 Yen price converts to currently. [Green House via Akihabara News]

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The site makes it look like it's officially licensed, but the Miffy site makes no mention of it.