Miglia's TVMax+ Records For All Your Apple Gear

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Called a "home entertainment hub", this Miglia TVMax+ lets you record your TV shows onto either your iPod, your iPhone, or your AppleTV. It's got coax, composite, and S-Video inputs, as well as an analog TV tuner that supports up to 125 channels.

The best part, in our opinion, is that it can record to DivX as well mpeg suited for DVD format, iPod format, and AppleTV format. The price is a little steep though, at $288, but looks like it's worth it for a quick and easy way to turn your Mac into a DVR.

Product Page [Miglia via iLounge]

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analog TV tuner? No digital TV tuner? Way to choose features wisely. That analog tuner will be real handy when analog broadcasts shut off at the beginning of 2009. (Yes, I realize the tuner is for cableTV, and your cable company will probably keep sending out analog signals [for how long?]...but digital tuners are not expensive, and analog tuners are obsolete).

This is why those government-subsidized digitalTV to analogTV converters are so necessary: because the government is STILL letting products like this be sold. Products with only analog and no digital tuners should have been banned 5 years ago...

At the very least, the government should have done SOMETHING so that the general public (think about your parents and grandparents) knew about the upcoming shutoff.