Miller's Crossing isn't the best gangster movie, but it may well be the best movie about gangsters. What's the distinction? As always, with the Coen brothers, it's a matter of genre, and refusing to play within its confines.

If you're already familiar with Miller's Crossing you likely remember its individual, indelible moments rather than as a whole. The tommy gun shootout scored by a winsome "Danny Boy." John Turturro begging Gabriel Byrne to look in his heart. The high hat. The Dane. And if all the movie had to offer was some select scenes, that would be enough. But there's so much more that's worth watching if you never have before, and worth revisiting if you have but forgot.


Miller's Crossing is a gangster movie wrapped in an existential quandary powdered lightly with enough comebacks to put Don Rickles to shame. Saying much more would spoil it. But know that the only thing better than your first viewing is each one after that. [Amazon Prime]