Ministry of Sound CD Player and Scratcher: Unleash Your Hidden DJ

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Popular with the glow stick crowd, Ministry of Sound just released their latest gadget for wannabes DJs from Goa to Ibiza, the CD Player and Scratcher. Woefully uninspiring name aside (or you can call it the MOSDJ135), the CD player aims to shrink the gigantic setup used by professional DJs into one bite-sized morsel perfect for mass consumption. The slot for your CDs is located in the front, then you get to DJ away with all sorts of sound tricks with the myriad buttons located all over the device. The center scratch pad is sure to be abused people who have no idea what they're doing.

The beats-per-minute counter is a neat bonus and the numerous pitch alterations you can make will make you the hippest kid in town. You can grab it online for around $450. Throw on some Luminary then start your world tour.


Product Page [Ministry of Sound via Tech Digest]