Mirage Media Player Will Project An 80-inch Image...Apparently

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Color me interested, but skeptical. The makers of the Mirage PMP claim that when ready, its built-in projector will throw an impressive 80-inch picture. Other specs include a 3.5-inch display, and support for 64-bit games of some description.

Not much further info was given, but shot in the dark: the specs will probably be similar to every other Chinese-made media player out there.

As far as I remember, the Sunview PMP was the first media player with a built-in projector; it claimed a 53-inch throw. The more recent Nikon S1000pj camera projects a 40-inch image.


As for the Mirage, sounds neat…but yeah, I think I'll do fine with a battery-powered pico-projector for the moment. [Yinlips via Cloned in China]