Sunvision PMPP, World's First Media Player With Pico-Projector

We've been talking about pico-projectors for a while, and here's what's apparently the world's first commercially available media player with one built right in: the Sunview PMPP. The LED-lit iView IPL630 unit inside it can project a VGA display up to an impressive-sounding 53 inches, but only a brightness of 9 lux at this size. The rest of the PMP sounds ok: a 3.5-inch LCD, speaker, remote, SD slot and size of around 5.2 x 3.1 x 1 inches. Interestingly it runs a Windows CE core, so it should be able to project documents and presentations. How does it look or sound? We don't know, as it's only available in limited quantities for now, and there's no word on prices. [Display Daily]


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