The story of that allegedly stolen laptop that automatically uploaded pictures a month later keeps getting stranger by the minute. Yesterday, one of the MacBook owners who identified herself as Willow confirmed that two MacBooks had been stolen from a Topshop Store in London, and added that the laptops still hadn't been recovered. You can see her installation at the store with the two black MacBooks in the picture above, and her description of the installation here.


Then a comment from a person calling herself lucyevans11appeared on Willow's Flickr page where the photos had been automatically uploaded. It amounts to a confession that she was one of the women in the pictures uploaded to Flickr from the missing MacBook. She offered this explanation of how her image found its way into the public eye:

Hi. I would just like to say that i am one of the people in these pictures. To clarify, we had no idea that computer was stolen, and are not even in possession of it. One of the other people's friends from out of town was visiting, and we were just messing around on his photobooth. I believe the computer may have been bought on ebay. We have contacted topshop via the flickr to sort this out and try to get the pictures removed, as obviously it does not look good on our part. It can be damaging to family and friends, so it would be appreciated if the nasty comments could stop, as they are very hurtful. Regarding the weed, this is in fact a roll up cigarette, and as for what appears to be somebody snorting something, i do not know as i was not present on this occassion [sic]. Thank you.

Now if Willow can just directly contact lucyevans11, who might then obligingly point out the poor soul who bought the MacBook on eBay, whoever fenced the laptop on eBay could be identified and this crime would be solved.


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