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Stolen Laptop Pics Not a Hoax After All

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It turns out that our story from yesterday about a stolen MacBook was accurate after all. The MacBook was automatically uploading pictures of a group of people who had it in their possession after it was stolen. While some readers correctly pointed out that these pictures were the "Top 50" photos on the Top Shop London Fashion Week website, they were merely the most recent 50 photos, including automatically uploaded pictures taken of the current possessors of the laptop. We contacted the victim of this theft and received this response:

This is not a hoax. Two computers were stolen from the Covent Garden venue during London Fashion Week, London, UK. These computers were set up to automatically upload photos to the Topshop London Fashion Week Website via the Topshop Flickr Account. About a month after the theft new photos appeared on our Flickr account and London Fashion Week website. Whether the people in the photos are the thieves, or have just bought a dodgy computer is still in question. As of Thursday 5th April 2007, these computers had still not been recovered.


If you know any of the people in these pictures, please let us know at and we'll pass the information along to the rightful owner of those two stolen MacBooks.


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