MIT Breakthrough Makes Tiny Apartments Feel Three Times Bigger

If you live in a big city, there's a decent chance your apartment feels cramped. Enter CityHome, a closet-sized device recently revealed by MIT that promises to make a 200-square-foot apartment feel three times as big. And did I mention that it's gesture-controlled?

The thing looks pretty awesome. With the flick of a wrist, you can summon the bed, a desk, or a dining table for six, all of which roll out slowly, like something out of The Jetsons.


The CityHome also includes a kitchen counter, a stovetop, a closet, and additional storage space, all of which look great under a Hue-like lighting system—all gesture-controlled. Voice and touch commands also work.

If that doesn't feel futuristic enough, the entire unit can move a few feet in either direction, revealing or concealing a bathroom.

Honestly, the functionality of the CityHome is limited only by your imagination, since it's not an actual home but rather an incredibly versatile appliance. Lead researcher Kent Larson from MIT Media Lab's Changing Places group told Co.Design that this isn't just a concept either, and he's working on bringing it to market.


The sooner, the better, Kent. The sooner, the better. [Co.Design]

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Lol, those gestures are corny. Why have a gesture for something that you can physically interact with? Let me pull on the hardware and if needed, have it electronically assisted.

It's like sitting in front of a steering wheel except keeping your hands off the wheel and using gestures to control it.