Mobiblu Cubisto: Who Wants to Carry a Cube in Their Pocket?

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

The mobiblu Cubisto digital audio player comes to us from Korea and comes in two sizes, 1GB and 2GB. It's pretty much a bare bones player, supporting MP3 and WMA files formats. Obviously the hook here is its wacky cube shape, but that only gets it so far. Besides, what would you rather have in your pocket, a bulky cube or a tiny-as-a-postage-stamp iPod shuffle? No launch date is known, but expect the 1GB model to cost $90 and the 2GB version $110. If it's just a $20 difference, why wouldn't you spring for the 2GB model? A friendly note to companies: if you want us to part with our hard-earned American dollars, please don't release the same product over and over again and expect us to bite. Thank you.


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ONE... cut a hole in the box! as probably the only person to get that reference may i just say that snl usually sucks anymore so that justin timberlake episode was quite entertaining and still makes me laugh

BTW if the size of the last few models is any indication of how big this one will be, then using words like "bulky" to describe it as compared to the shuffle doesn't show your utterly devoted fanboyism for Jobs at all. The shuffle is a crappy device with no screen or real features, it isn't an innovation, or even worth it. you can buy an mp3 player with no screen for 9 bucks, and if its size you want there are plenty that are nice and small. Swiss army makes one that fits into a key chain pocket knife ... and it has a screen and adjustable settings.