MobileMe Looks an Awful Lot Like Windows Me

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MobileMe, Apple's replacement for .Mac, was announced at WWDC and something struck me (and some others) as a little odd: its logo is remarkable similar to a notorious software disaster from nearly a decade ago, Windows ME. Would a company so famous for the creation of household brand names really release MobileMe, and make it look like this? Yes. Yes they would. [WWDC08 @ Giz]




All right, Thrillcekr, let me ask you this. I'm currently a .Mac customer, and I'll be the first to tell you it's expensive. Not prohibitively so, but $100/yr is steep.

The reason why I continue to pay it? Not because I want to kiss Apple's ass; it's because there simply ISN'T a service that does what .Mac does for me, free OR for anything less than $100.

Or, maybe I'm wrong, and you're right. I'm open to suggestions. So, why don't you tell me where I can find a service (it can be a combination of services) that will:

(1) Automatically synchronize my Safari bookmarks between multiple computers (I have three, an iMac, Mac mini, and Macbook) as well as RSS read statuses.

(2) Automatically synchronize my Mail accounts, spam filtering and other filtering rules across multiple computers

(3) Automatically synchronize my calendar events (there needs to be sync between some sort of desktop app that can be browsed and edited off-line, which will be resynced the next time I'm online automatically)

(4) Automatically sync all my contacts in my address book

(5) Automatically sync all entries in my Keychain (or, any other comprehensive password manager)

and, for me, most importantly

(6) Not only provide 10GB (or, with MobileMe, 20GB) of online storage but automatically sync its contents to multiple computers allowing off-line access and editing, which will get resynched the next time that machine is online.

All for less than $100.

If you can find something for me for significantly less than $100, I WILL make the switch. But if not, fuck off, because seriously, I can't think of ever going back to an environment that lacks any one of those functionalities above.