Guy slices up flying fruit with a katana like a real life Fruit Ninja

It's an ad, so bear with the never ending attempts to sneak in Toaster Strudels but here's master swordsman and multiple Guinness World Records holder Isao Machii slicing up fruit with a real sword better than any wannabe ninja can on his phone.


On one side, it's fun and ridiculous and hilarious that people can throw fruit at him and he'll chop it in the air. On the other, it's sad that this man who has put so much hard work to maximize his talent is now slicing up fruit for Pillsbury.

I mean this guy can split a pellet when it's shot at him:

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Fun fact: Samurai were not experts at fighting with swords. They were excellent archery marksmen though. They carried swords as a last line of defense, but to be an expert at swordplay meant you were a terrible shot, and that was embarrassing to them. It'd be like a modern day sniper being an expert at knife fighting. Nice and all, but mostly useless if you're a good sniper.

Once guns were widespread, the swords became symbolic and this myth of them all being masters with a sword started.