Illustration for article titled MoGo Talk Bluetooth Headset For BlackBerry Comes With Its Very Own Baby Carrier

Bored with just talking about their microthin Bluetooth headsets, MoGo has started screwing them to things. For example: BlackBerrys! Now you can buy a headset with an adorable little backpack for your Curve and Javelin, and soon, Bold and Tour.


The Mogo Talk is more or less the same MoGo Bluetooth wafer that's been kicking around since 2007, except this time accompanied by purpose-built backplates for a sizable portion of the BlackBerry range. Burying the headset harness in the battery cover ostensibly helps keep a mounted headset from protruding too far, and enables a charging system to be built in without adding unnecessary bulk.


Looking at the suspiciously not-in-profile shots here, though, the deep integration and 5mm headset thickness still seem to leave a lump that would be at least noticeable, and at worst, irritating, especially in tighter pockets. Of course, something tells me that this might not matter too much, since the Bluetooth+BlackBerry combination guarantees a fair number of these will end up living in belt harnesses, strapped around the wastes of people named "Dad." The MoGo Talk will ship within a few weeks for $129.99. [MoGo]

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