Wafer-thin MoGo Bluetooth Headset

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Remember the Mogo Mouse? You know, that extremely small, Bluetooth mouse that could store and charge in the PCMCIA slot? MoGo went ahead and made it even smaller, took out the mousing capabilities and attached a speaker/mic for the MoGo Bluetooth headset. The uncomfortable-looking earpiece can fold in and out for easy storage. Like the MoGo mouse, the Bluetooth headset can also store in a PCMCIA or ExpressCard 34 slot, which makes absolutely no sense given that this isn't a laptop accessory. Oh, well. The MoGo mouse was pretty damn expensive, so I would expect this to be also.


Ultra-thin MoGo Headset [Cool Hunting]

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Well I always bring a laptop with me when I travel and I always bring a bluetooth headset (yes I am one of those guys) but this would mean one less charger/cable to lug. Of course, this can already be achieved by buying a bluetooth headset that can be charged via USB cable but options are good