Mogo Mouse Reviewed (Verdict: Portability-A-Gogo)

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The MoGo Mouse is great for businessmen and polygamists who need to make their way from city to city, often only taking a laptop and a change of clothes. Slashgear found that the MoGo was perfect due to its using the PCMCIA slot as both home and charger. No more forgetting to charge the mouse or losing track of where it is.

Even though there's no "depth" to the mouse, the kickstand helps a bit by angling it in your hand so that you're not performing the eagle-talon of death trying to check whether today is the day for GOOG to tank. The only missing feature: scrolling. They couldn't fit a traditional scroll wheel in there, but maybe in a future setup they'd add some kind of touch-sensitive area for scrolling.


Check the link for a bonus Unboxing video.

MoGo Mouse Hands On [Slashgear]

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